Gas Fire FAQs

1. Where can I view a gas fire manufactured by BFM Europe Ltd?

Any of our Flavel, Verine, Kinder, Global, Kohlangaz or Collection Gas fires can be viewed at one of our selected retailers.

You can find your nearest retailer by selecting the “Find a Retailer” button on the homepage. 

2. Do you sell fires direct to the public?

We do not sell our fires directly to the public. We believe that you need to view a selection of models and designs before purchase to ensure you are purchasing the most appropriate product for your home.

Our retailers will be able to help advise and assist with your technical & design needs and your decision process. 

3. What type of chimney do I need?

All of our brands aim to meet the requirements of a variety of different chimney types, including homes that do not have a chimney!

Please view the ‘Before you Begin’ section for more information regarding chimney and flues.

4. How much does it cost to run a gas fire?

Despite rising fuel prices, natural gas remains the most common and one of the cheapest ways to heat your home. Since the cost of gas can differ depending on service provider, location and tariff we do not include estimated running costs for our products. However, you can estimate your own running costs easily using the following calculation:-

Maximum Heat Input x Your Gas tariff x Running time = Running cost.

For example, what is the running cost of the Flavel Windsor Traditional HE when used for 3 hours at a cost of 4.2p per kilowatt hour?

4.0kw x 4.2p x 3 hours = 50.4p

5. Can I put a flat screen TV above my fire?

This depends on the type of fire you have installed in your home as well as the TV you wish to install.

Open fronted fires do not create as much heat on the wall above where they are installed; this means that you may be able to install a flat screen TV above them. Please be aware that your television must be a minimum of 450mm higher than the top of the fire. Also ensure you have carefully checked the TV manufacturer’s installation instructions with regard to installation and heat proximity. If in any doubt, it is best to check with the TV manufacturer.

You should NEVER install a TV above a glass fronted fire. Glass fronted fires emit more heat than open fronted fires and this can damage a TV mounted directly above. 

6. I do not have mains gas in my home, can I still install a fire?

A selection of gas fires from our Global, Kinder, Flavel, Verine and The Collection by Michael Miller ranges are available as LPG versions, meaning you can operate them from either bottled gas or from a larger tank in the garden. LPG is readily available in most rural areas.

Please note that our Kohlangaz and Flavel Centre of Excellence gas fires are only available with Natural Gas.

7. Who can install my gas fire?

We recommend that all Gas Fires manufactured by BFM Europe Ltd are installed by an experienced Gas Safe approved engineer.

Your local retailer should be able to arrange this for you, or you can find details of registered installers by visiting

8. What is Gas Safe?

Gas Safe replaced CORGI in 2009 to undertake the fitting or servicing of a gas appliance in England, Scotland and Wales. Any gas engineer working in Ireland must hold RGI Certification . Any engineer that handles a gas appliance should be suitably qualified and registered with Gas Safe or RGI.

You can find details of registered installers by visiting

9. Where can I buy spare parts for my gas fire?

For all spares for our gas fire ranges please contact the BFM Europe Ltd. Spare Parts department on 01782 339034.

If possible please have a part number to hand when you call to help us deal with your enquiry faster. Most part numbers can be found on the back of your user manual, alternatively a member of our sales team can help.

Alternatively, you can purchase spare parts from Gas on Spares on 0121 5857799, Parts Centre on 0845 2709800 or from any of our product stockists.

10. Why has my slide control fire stopped working?

If your slide control fire has stopped working it may require a replacement battery. This is a standard AA battery which you can replace yourself by removing the fret, unscrewing the circular holder and replacing the battery.

If the fire still does not work then please call our technical support department on 01782 339039.

11. Why are the coals/pebbles on my fire sooting?

Sooting usually occurs if the coals or pebbles are not positioned correctly on the fuel bed. This restricts the airflow to the burner.

For the correct coal or pebble layout consult the layout image and instructions in the installation manual provided with your fire. 

12. How often should my fire be serviced and how much does this cost?

The industry regulators suggest that you have your fire serviced every 12 months. However, an annual service, including replacement of the oxy-pilot is also a condition of your guarantee.

Your extended guarantee with be void in you cannot provide proof of service every 12 months from the date of installation.

Please expect to pay between £60 and £100 for a gas fire service, including replacement of the oxy-pilot. Please check the cost of the service with your engineer when you make the booking.

13. Who should I contact to have my fire serviced?

You may contact any local Gas Safe (Formerly CORGI) registered engineer.

Alternatively, you can contact our service call centre on 01782 339008 where we will be happy to give you the details of your nearest registered gas engineer. 

14. My gas fire is producing a strange smell, should I be worried?

When first using your new gas fire a slight smell may be noticed. This is due to starch used in the manufacture of the soft ceramic coals. It is non-toxic and will soon disappear.

15. Can my fire be used as a primary heat source?

We recommend that all our fires are used in conjunction with central heating and not as a primary source of heat.