Electric Fire FAQs

1. Do I need a chimney or flue to have an electric fire installed?

Not at all! The great thing about an electric fires is that it does not let off any fumes, gases or soot meaning that you have nothing to get rid of! Simply install the fire, plug it in, turn it on and enjoy.

2. Who can install my electric fire?

Any Electric fire manufactured by our Celsi or Flavel Centre of Excellence brands can be installed at home by the user; simply hang it on the wall/ place it in your hearth surround, plug it in and turn it on!

If you feel you require further help with this process your local retailer should be able to arrange this for you.

3. How do I clean my electric fire?

Please ensure that the fire has been turned off and allowed to cool before cleaning. Use a damp (not wet) cloth and gently wipe over the fire. Household glass cleaner may be used on the fire glass however please ensure not to use any other abrasive cleaner or chemical cleaning agent.

4. Where can I buy spare parts for my electric fire?

For all spares for our electric fire ranges please contact the BFM Europe Ltd. Spare Parts department on 01782 339034.

If possible please have a part number to hand when you call to help us deal with your enquiry faster. Most part numbers can be found on the back of your user manual, alternatively a member of our sales team can help.

Alternatively, you can purchase spares from any of our stockists.

5. Can my fire be used as a primary heat source?

We recommend that all our fires are used in conjunction with central heating and not as a primary source of heat.