Before You Begin


Power Supply

Depending on your style of home and the area in which you live, your power supply may be natural gas, LPG, electric or a combination of these fuel types. Alternatively, you may wish to heat your home using solid fuels, such as, wood or coal. BFM Europe Ltd also offers a limited arnge of space heaters that are powered by Butane LPG for homes that do not have a mains fuel supply or chimney.

Natural gas iconNatural GasLPG iconLPGLpg butane iconButane
Electric iconElectric
Solid Fuel
Wood iconWoodMultifuel iconMultifuel

Chimney or Flue Type

Your choice of fire may be dictated by the type of chimney or flue in your home. if you are not sure then take a look at your roof and cross-reference it with the simple guide below. Don't worry if you don't have a fixed flue, there are many gas fires that are available as a Powerflue or balanced flue model and a fantastic range of electric fires.

Brick chimney icon Brick Chimney

A conventional brick chimney is recognisable by a chimney stack with a terracotta pot or gas terminal.

Pre-fabricated flue icon Pre-Fabricated Flue

This is an interlocking flue tube system, identifiable by a metal flue and terminal on the roof, and a metal flue box behind the fire.

Pre-cast flue icon Pre-Cast Flue

Pre-cast flues can be identified by a ridge vent or metal flue tube and terminal on the roof. Constructed from concrete or clay blocks they form a rectangular section flue. All fires featuring this icon are only suitable for pre-cat flues conforming to BS EN 1858.

Balanced flue icon Balanced Flue

Balanced Flue fires vent directly outside through a horizontal co-axial pipe (one pipe within a larger pipe). The Outer pipe draws air in from the outside and the inner pipe expels combustion gases.

Powerflue icon Powerflue

Powerflue fires expel the combustion gases directly outside the building through the use of an electronically driven fan unit mounted on the external wall.

No chimney icon No Chimney

If you do not have a chimney/flue and do not want to install a balanced flue or Powerflue product then an electric fire may be the best option for you.

Control Type

Gas is wonderfully controllable but which type of control suits you best? The discretion of manual ignition, concealed behind the removable ash pan, the convenience of slide control or the luxury and style of remote control?

Manual icon Manual Control

A simple and discreet control system located behind the fire's trim or fret on inset fires and the bottom side of outset fires.

Slide icon Slide Control

Convenient control that eliminates the necessity of bending down.

Switch control icon Switch Control

Instant heat at the flick of a switch.

Top control icon Top Control

A push down and twist ignition and control located on the top of outset fires means you don’t have to bend down to light the fire.

Touchlight icon Touchlight Control (Powerflue models only)

Control via two switches, on/off and high/low. Only available on selected Powerflue models.

Easy flame icon Electronic Flame Control

Discreet easy access buttons are used to ignite the fire and adjust heat and flame height.

E top control icon Electronic Top Control

Both ignition and heat are controlled by a single rotary motion to light the fire. These easy to use controls are now available on our best selling radiant outsets. Requires an AA battery.

E side control icon Electronic Side Control

Both ignition and heat are controlled by a single rotary motion to light the fire. These easy to use controls are now available on our best selling radiant outsets. Requires an AA battery.

Semi remote icon Semi Automatic Remote Control

Light the fire using the manual control system then use the remote control handset to adjust the flame height and heat output.

Remote icon Fully Automatic Remote Control

The remote control handset is used to light the fire as well as adjust the flame height and heat output.

Thermostatic remote icon Fully Automatic Remote Control with Thermostatic Operation

The remote control handset can be used to light the fire as well as to adjust the flame height and heat output. In addition, the handset contains the extra benefit of a thermostatic control to regulate room temperature and a programmable timer that can be pre-programmed to ensure your room will be warm whenever you wish.

Multifunctional remote icon Multifunctional Remote Control

This hand set is not only used to ignite the fire, control the heat/flame level and extinguish the fire, it also operates thermostatic and timer functions which allow you to preset a desired room temperature and to set the times of day you would like the fire to turn on and turn off. In addition to the heat and time settings your fire features dimmable, decorative halogen lighting which can be used with or without the flame being in operation. Your handset is used to turn the decorative lighting on or off and to adjust the brightness level.

Fire Back Style

The Collection by Michael Miller, Kinder, Verine, Flavel, Global & Kohlanagz Only: Some fires have the option to choose the style and colour of the fire back panels to customize your fire to match your living area.

Plain back iconPlain BlackBlack brick back iconBlack Brick DesignBlack ribbed back iconBlack Ribbed DesignRibbed back iconCream Ribbed Design
Brick back iconStone Brick EffectBlack enamel back iconGlossy Black Enamel

Fuel Bed Type

GAS FIRES ONLY: Some gas fires are available with the option to specify your fuel bed and create a look to suit your home.

Coal iconCoal EffectPebble iconPebble EffectWhite stones iconWhite Stoneslogs iconLog Effect
Driftwood iconDriftwood EffectFlame only iconFlame Only